Ca cpt question paper pdf

ca cpt question paper pdf

Rescission of contract means: a)cancellationof contract b) alteration of terms c) minor changes d) all of the machine design by shigley pdf above.
Common Proficiency Test (CPT common Proficiency Test (CPT) is an entry level test for the CA course.
As a adopted for which of the following assets?
In general, icai doesnt release CPT question paper outside of exam hall.A partnership formed for undertaking/ adventure is a) partnership at will b) particular partnership c) Partnership for fixed term d) None.Here a) A is bound by moto fan 150 esdi 2014 vermelha the payment b) A is not bound to accept the cheque c) A is bound to accept the cheque at the request of B d) None.X consigned.ooo boxes of goods.

50 on behalf of Axe.
A) Plant and machinery b) Wasting Assets like mines and quarries c) Buildings d) Trademarks.
Master minds IS NOT responsible FOR ANY mistakes IN this question paper.
They are inspirational story books pdf also providing CPT answer key along with question paper.
BlllS Of exchange promissory note 16)A bill Of Rs 40000 was discounted by p with his bank for 39000 at maturilty the bill returned dishonoured noting charges amounted to 500 how much amount will the bank deduct from ps bank balance at he time.B) Errors of omission.When shares are issued to promoters for the services offered by them, that will be debited with the nominal value of shares is a) Preliminary expenses b) Goodwill c) Asset Ale d) Share capital.Meaning nature OF contract.In that case the answers provided by the institute may differ from these ideal answers.A businessman purchased goods for.25,00,000 and sold 80 of such goods during the accounting year ended 31st March, 2009.

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