Can you ps1 games on ps vita

can you ps1 games on ps vita

There will be some games where the saves are compatible but no word yet on jeux de moto cross gratuit en ligne 2013 FFX Remix.
(KimFookCouch) Check with Sony customer service since that isnt something most users would do (though you would think that youd be able to).
Also, I am deciding between getting MK and UMvsC3.There are games like motorstorm R/C, hustle kings umvc3, wipeout hd, wipeout 2048, and umvc, that when you download it you get a ps3 and a Vita version.The sim cards are carrier locked so you can only buy vodafone.Apart from the 3G hardware functionality, are there any other extras in the 3G bundle to that of the Wi-fi only bundle you know of?And also is there a way to connect Vita to internet wired and not wirelessly?For example, X amount of kills you had added up to a trophy.No to both of these.Unsure about PS1 classics unless you meant HD remakes of those which don't exist yet.(Kchow21) How much memory does a full PSN title take up?, i want Gravity Rush but its download only in the UK (i've heard) im asking as i want to know.(Mounce) Yes, though the vouchers might be different.( Greg Miller ) rephrased follow UP: Sorry Greg, let me try and ask a different way: Can anyone who uses their PSN Profile on jubilee lines mn font one PSVita System earn Trophies on games stored on Game Carts?And if you buy a large game download from PSN - remember that you will be paying twice: first for the game itself, and the second time for the overpriced proprietary Vita memory card that Sony forces us to use instead of sticking with the Faster.If they don't mind anything but game progress then there is no other negatives to this approach.

(FullOnFrittata) What he means by some titles, is that it depends on whether the title was built to support the remote play, so some will and some won't.
Which one is correct?
Was mostly excited for the remote play feature so I can finish some of my single player games on the.
You have to download the games from the store to get them both.Thanks (Defenex) Quite a few people have run into this problem and I expect sony is working on a fix.I used to have PSP Go, but I kept the memory card (M2) with my game saves so I could start playing games like Resistance Retribution on my Vita where I left off on my PSP.(ro-kurorai) There will be asyncronous support for games which works well for uploading ghosts, time trials, and games like chess but because of the shear data for gaming syncronously it will not be supported over.How do I program my own homebrews and games for the PS Vita with Rejuvenate?(millsjonah) What are the different states of the PS Button, and what do they mean?Like if you don't want to be detected by anybody, in short, invisible to anyone but i can still see others.Save Game files in most cases are stored in the game card, but some games require both memory card and game card to be present!

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