Drow of the underdark pdf

drow of the underdark pdf

Vorn's commander made a sharp movement with his hands accompanied by a quick lift of his shoulders.
Through a combination of bribes, sabotage, and intermar- riages, one particular family slowly intertwines itself with many of the individual bloodlines of a great house.
Using other connections, she subtly encourages overuse of that resource, or even arranges to have quantities of it destroyed in an accident or an attack of some sort.
IntroductionTo survive in the wilds of the Underdark, one must not delay when the Spider Queen bestows her gifts.To survive in the Underdark, one must not delay.Chapter 3: Prestige Classes.Her rst errand is to the bustling bazaar at the center of the her servants would handle such menial tasks for her, keeping the larder stocked.(Male drow are never accepted into the priesthood, and can at best hope to be a favored servant of a priestess.) First, she must show an aptitude for divine magic.Although any cleric can conduct these rites for small or family groups, only a formal priestess has the authority to demand attendance of a community.With other mystical allies standing firm with the Matron, other Underworld races beneath her heel or cowering behind fortified walls, and every drow ready to play their part when she gives the word, what could possibly stop her from achieving her final triumph and fulfilling.Unlike the priesthood of Lolth, which bears littleresemblance towhatsurface-dwellers normally consider a church, the houses appear synonymous with the various dynasties and noble bloodlines of human, elf, and dwarf culture.A drow grows wroth at a subordinate who fails or dees her, a superior for holding the power she herself craves, a foreigner for failing to offer unquestioned submission to the drow, an ally for imagined future betrayal, and even she already has.

Male drow hold little if any power, but not all of them are mere property, even if many females see them as such.
8 chapter1 allabout thedrow With the door guarded by loyal bugbear games for typing speed sentinel-slaves and several male drow servants making the bed, she allows her maid to approach.
Chapter 6: Campaigns and Adventures.Like many other sentient beings, the drow think in terms of dichotomies: If somethingisnotgood, it must be bad; if it is not strong, it must be weak.Obviously, this last type of sacrifice occurs only rarely.Vethins Hold, a new underground city of trade and treachery by Jason Stoffa of Fat Goblin Games.They are a community that seeks to become a swarm.The drow must not only survive, but thrive in her weakened stateoften for days, weeks, or longerwithout losing faith in Lolth.Becoming a Priestess To become a priestess of Lolth, a female drow must meet two specic requirements.It would be very soon.If it succeeds, its mem- bers can enforce whatever control they wishdespite the chaotic nature of those they domi- natefor the simple reason that no avail- able force has the power to refuse them.It is thus not merely external pres- need that borders on instinct.

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