Fort zombie pc game

fort zombie pc game

The aim of medaka box episode 6 sub indo the game is to defend your selected fort a police-station, prison or hospital, with different advantages by running around the town, twatting zombies and searching for stuff to build up your defences.
Yikes, if it's not the game of the millennium I don't know what could be!
I won't write about sounds, because there are almost no sounds.Okay, I have a good old Pentium4 D (that means: single core with hyperthreading but I bet games from P3 era are better looking than Fort Zombie.Scanning its feature list, whats most promising is the 3D town formed from some kind of mix-and-match tile system, which implies the potential for variability.Very low polycount, medium quality textures, almost no effects, and I still get fps lower than 10 most of the time.Random missions in a randomly generated town.The game takes place on a version of Earth that is being invaded by an evil force which warps reality and creates zombies.Second, even those who don't see you still can _hear_ you.They have firearms, and they are not afraid to use them, but on the plus side they are not exactly sharpshooters.

Seen this game on a digital distribution site, and reading its description, I fell in love with it instantly.
Your ears will get the absolute minimum treatment.
If you absolutely must fight (which will happen, especially near your objectives kill the medic zombies first if present, or else they will reanimate their fallen comrades.
I wouldn't say it's crap, because if you give the game an hour you'll get used to it, but sometimes you'll question the human origins of the designers.I played it everyday, and begun to enjoy it, however not so to play it to the end.On many occasions there will be a few zombies who see you, and will attack after a few seconds.If you already rescued some survivors, you can assign them on various tasks: base-building, repairing broken equipment, healing the wounded, or you can take them with you on the missions for some extra firepower (not exactly advised, but with some micromanagement it can be done).Hypothetically you get 14 days to build up the defenses of your chosen base to endure the massive assault when those two weeks expire.4, references edit, external links edit, retrieved from " p?titleFort_Zombie oldid ".1, it was released on October 30, 2009.Read the rest of this entry ».So, basically, no matter how much ammo you have, your best option is always to run from cover to cover.If you survive that, you won.

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