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Feet u20 u2032 Prime; #8243; double prime,.k.a.
Backward difference u22 u2207 isin; #8712; element of u22 u2208 notin; #8713; not an element of u22 u2209 ni; #8715; contains as member u220B ISOtech 220B u220b prod; #8719; n-ary product,.k.a.
Real part symbol u211C ISOamso 211C u211c trade; #8482; trade mark sign u21 u2122 alefsym; #8501; alef symbol u21 u Arrows larr; #8592; leftwards arrow u21 u2190 uarr; #8593; upwards arrow u21 u2191 rarr; #8594; rightwards arrow u21 u2192 darr; #8595; downwards arrow u21 u2193.Direct sum u22 u2295 otimes; #8855; circled times,.k.a.Three dot leader u20 u2026 prime; #8242; prime,.k.a.Product sign u220F ISOamsb equine exercise physiology pdf 220F u03a0 sum; #8721; n-ary sumation u22 u03a3 minus; #8722; minus sign u22 u2212 lowast; #8727; asterisk operator u22 u2217 radic; #8730; square root,.k.a.#63; question mark u003F ISOnum 003f 77 commat; @ #64; at sign; commercial at u00 100 lsqb; #91; left square bracket u005B ISOnum 005b 133 bsol; #92; backslash u005C ISOnum 005c 134 rsqb; #93; right square bracket u005D ISOnum 005d 135 Hat; #94; circumflex accent.Carriage return u21B5 NEW 21B5 u21b5 lArr; #8656; leftwards double arrow can be used for is implied by u21D0 ISOtech 21D0 u21d0 uArr; #8657; upwards double arrow u21D1 ISOamsa 21D1 u21d1 rArr; #8658; rightwards double arrow u21D2 ISOtech 21D2 u21d2 dArr; #8659; downwards double arrow.But (currently) only IE 11 and Firefox 35 support all the entities.Entity, name larr; leftwards arrow uarr; upwards arrow rarr; rightwards arrow darr; downwards arrow harr; left right arrow, uP down arrow north west arrow north east arrow south east arrow south west arroeftwards arrow with strokightwards arrow with strokeftwards wave arroightwards wave arroeftwards TWO headed.If the character does not have an html entity, you can use the decimal (dec) or hexadecimal (hex) reference.Example p I will display #9658; /p p I will display #x25BA; /p Will display as: I will display, i will display, try it Yourself ยป.

Vector product u22 u2297 perp; #8869; up tack u22A5 ISOtech 22A5 u22a5 sdot; #8901; dot operator u22C5 ISOamsb 22C5 u22c5 Technical lceil; harry potter pdf in hindi #8968; left ceiling,.k.a.
Character Entities Cheat Sheet for html, CSS (content) and Javascript.
Shamrock u26 u2663 hearts; #9829; black heart suit,.k.a.Cap u22 u2229 cup; #8746; union,.k.a.Chrome has good support.Asymptotic to u22 u2248 ne; #8800; not equal to u22 u2260 equiv; #8801; identical to u22 u2261 le; #8804; less-than or equal to u22 u2264 ge; #8805; greater-than or equal to u22 u2265 sub; #8834; subset of u22 u2282 sup; #8835; superset of u22 u2283.Html, symbol, numeric, description, hex, cSS (ISO jS (Octal).Previous, next, if you want any of these characters displayed in html, you can use the html entity found in the table below.

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