Ogg vorbis 3 plus codec

ogg vorbis 3 plus codec

I still got the windows xp sp3 iso full 64 bit problem.
Got a problem, hope somebody can help.
I thought that maybe it was some old codec wich wasn't ogg but when i use GSpot.21, it identify the files as : stat -file is ogg audio- type -WAV- riff "wrapper"- directshow render audio src -OGG_vorbis_3_plus (0x6771)- audio path -(S) - Wave Parser.
If u have any news post plz :15 PM mankoun, feedback fdsa :08 AM n_p, feedback, advertisements same problem here, have an nforce2 based board.The extraction changes defacto the problem file ergo the sample is not representative of the problem.At least, it worked for.What you need is a tool that can extract the Vorbis audio from your files and put them neatly in an Ogg container. .11 PM spectral Feedback Just helped me years after.Anyway i have no such thing.

17 AM mankoun, advertisements, got same problem.
I'm not sure if there is a tool that can do that though.
Hope it will help someone out there.I actually quit my efforts.I will try to upload again later.In matroska, we call this 'ACM compatibility mode and the codec ID of the trackheader will be 'A_MS/ACM' instead of 'A_Vorbis' for a native Vorbis track in matroska.Feedback what is nForce?31 PM DtheHunter665 Feedback Well, the problem seems to be that the Ogg Vorbis 3 plus is specific to japanese stuff.I don't (knowingly) have a tool to do the extraction.I really dont get why the guy had to encode the sound in ogg vorbis.What is this "3 plus"?

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